Sharon Jarchin Surgery Center and Medical Practice Marketing

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How You Benefit

Gain The Competitive Edge... with CaseBuilder℠

When you work with Sharon Jarchin Health Care Marketing you gain the competitive edge. Whether your goal is to generate new cases, increased scan volume, additional referrals, enhanced payor mix, improved patient/referrer retention or increased awareness in the medical community, we will market your medical practice or facility for increased visibility, awareness and results!

Increase Cases
Build Scan Volume
Enhance Payor Mix
Expand Referral Base
Build Practice Revenues
Generate Bottom-Line Profitability
Target Internists, Family Practitioners or any Physician Specialist for Referrals
Encourage Patient/Referrer Retention
Add New Sites
Attract Credentialed Surgeons and Physicians
Generate Awareness among Physicians, Surgeons, Patients and the Community
Mitigate Competition
Launch New Offices
Promote New/Ancillary Practice Services
Introduce New Affiliations
Target Patients Directly
Generating New Cases/Scans and Referrals.
Enhancing Payor Mix.
Building Physician Relationships.
Increasing Revenues and Profitability.
Achieve a New Level of Success
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