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About Us

Known for our experience, professionalism, creativity and strategic thinking, Sharon Jarchin Health Care Marketing (SJHCM) provides excellence in service and results to each of our valued clients. Founded in 1984, SJHCM is large enough to provide full service to our clients, yet small enough so that you work directly with the principals of our company.

Our deep understanding of the overall healthcare continuum along with our expertise as strategic marketing consultants allows us to quickly identify the opportunities and challenges facing your organization... no matter the size, caseload, business model or location. We understand your business and speak your language.

SJHCM is focused on developing marketing and sales programs for our clients that spearhead your growth and profitability. Our goal is your success.

We know that integrity and reputation are critical to your practice… and they are paramount to our firm as well.

We welcome the opportunity to work with your organization.

Sharon Jarchin, President

Andrew Jarchin, CEO

Generating New Cases/Scans and Referrals.
Enhancing Payor Mix.
Building Physician Relationships.
Increasing Revenues and Profitability.
Achieve a New Level of Success
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