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Medical Practice Marketing

Helping Pain Management, Radiology, Neurosurgery, Anesthesia and other Specialty Practices to Grow

Are you looking to increase the caseload and payor mix of your medical practice, enhancing your revenues and profitability?

For Medical Practices:

No matter the size and location of your practice, we can successfully market you to potential referrers including internists, family practitioners and medical specialists of every type in order to increase caseload and enhance payor mix.

For Radiology Facilities:

Medical imaging facilities face ever-continuing challenges as they strive for increased scan volume and profitability. We can help you grow your scan volume across multi-modalities and locations while also building strategic focus, awareness and payor mix.

For Surgery Centers:

Whether your goal is to increase the number of surgical cases at your facility or office, attract new surgeons, increase referrals and/or create patient/physician awareness… we can help you to meet your goals.

Sharon Jarchin Health Care Marketing is an award-winning, full-service marketing, sales and public relations firm specializing in the healthcare/medical industry. We develop uniquely successful marketing and sales campaigns that generate significant new business and profitability for medical practices, radiology facilities and surgery centers of all specialties and sizes located throughout the United States. As a success-driven medical marketing firm for more than 20 years, we know your business and speak your language.

When you become our client... you are our total focus. We will create a custom marketing and sales program for you based on factors such as your desired geography, medical specialty, payor mix and the clinical strengths or your organization... with CaseBuilder™, our proprietary sales development program. We market your medical practice or facility through a range of proven strategies for maximum results.

Generating New Cases/Scans and Referrals.
Enhancing Payor Mix.
Building Physician Relationships.
Increasing Revenues and Profitability.
Achieve a New Level of Success
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